updated in November 2014

In the first two years since its launch, Salvia has worked in different fields, sharing its expertise to progress towards sustainability, in line with its objectives


In the Area of Work “Energy, transport and climate change”:

  • Since May 2013 Salvia has conducted the Coordination of the Technical Secretariat of the Alianza Mar Blava.
    The Alianza Mar Blava is a cross-sectoral alliance made up of: public administrations (Island councils -“Consells”- and the town councils of Ibiza and Formentera), entities from economic sectors potentially affected by the exploratory drilling such as tourism, fishing or the nautical sector, social and ecologist groups, trade unions and public and private institutions. The union of all these different actors, more than 80 up to now, working together towards the same goal, is a highly relevant milestone, rarely achieved, and bestowing the Alianza Mar Blava an extraordinarily high social representation.
    The aim of Alianza Mar Blava is to definitively bring to a halt the exploratory programme and the subsequent exploitation of hydrocarbons promoted by the oil firm Cairn Energy (via its subsidiary Capricorn Spain Limited) in the Gulf of Valencia, off the west coasts of Ibiza and Formentera, along with the other oil-prospecting projects in the western Mediterranean, that practically surround the Balearic Islands. The aim is to conserve the rich environment that make these islands unique, as well as employment, citizens’ well-being and the rights of future generations to enjoy their surroundings in a good state of conservation.
  • The elaboration for Greenpeace of a “Proposed declaration on the negative environmental impact of the project `3D seismic acquisition campaign in permits B, G, AM-1 and AM-2 in the Gulf of Valencia’ , promoted by oil company Capricorn Spain Limited”.
  • The elaboration of a report on the sustainability of the Spanish energy model for The Greens/EFA European parliamentary group.
  • The elaboration of a report for SEO/BirdLife on local and regional initiatives in the fight against climate change, analysis of the current situation and prospects for the future.
  • Participation in diverse discussion forums, conferences, seminars, the main ones being:
    • “The unsustainability of nuclear energy”. Foro Internacional “Dr. Jorge Carpizo”: Energy and renovation of public policies for sustainable development, efficiency and energy transition. National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). Mexico City, 24-29 September 2012.
    • “Energy and climate change”. Parliamentary session on energy. Socialist parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies. Madrid, 3 October 2012
    • “Future electricity: sustainability and sovereignty”. Conference on the electricity market and the consumer. Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU). Madrid, 19 December 2012.
    • “Fracking: the latest irrational bid in the addiction to fossil fuels”. 141st Forum for Dialogue and the Expression of New Utopias. Amayuelas de Abajo (Palencia), 31 May 2013.
    • Meeting on fracking in the European Parliament organised by Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verts (ICV) – The Greens/EFA. Brussels, 4-5 September 2013.
    • “An exhausted energy model: attacks on the territory”. Greens European Foundation and Nous Horitzons Fundació. Tarragona, 13 December 2013.
    • “The unsustainability of the Spanish energy model”. Day of debate “From electricity scam to the new energy model”. Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verts. Barcelona, 8 February 2014.
    • Conference on the Spanish energy model. Encounters for a critical citizenship. Ávila, 13 February 2014.
    • Meeting on fracking and oil prospecting in the European Parliament, organised by Iniciativa per Catalunya-Verts (The Greens/EFA) and Izquierda Unida (United Left/GUE/NGL). Brussels, 15-16 October 2014.
    • “Renewable energies and traditional energies. Is the Spanish energy model unsustainable?”.Environment Forum. Castilla y León Young Socialists. La Granja -Valsaín (Segovia), 1-2 November 2014.
  • Opinion articles:

In the Area of Work “Marine environment”:

  • Salvia has analysed the new coastal law (Law 2/2013, 29 May, on the protection and sustainable use of the coast) to really understand how the new law impacts on the comprehensive protection and public usage of coastal areas. An exhaustive study has been carried out on the unconstitutionality of the new act and has been presented to all the political forces in the Congress and the Senate, calling on the representatives of the Spanish people to present a constitutional challenge against the new law. Finally, the petition has been backed by some of the parliamentary groups. Salvia has also presented the analysis to the media through different press articles.
  • Opinion articles:

In the Area of Work “Rural areas and land use”, on the protection of air quality:

  • Coordination for Oltazti Council (Navarra) on the impact assessment of the installations of Cementos Portland Valderrivas, S.A. in this locality, through the realisation of diverse technical advice and opinions.