Catalogue of Services

Salvia… with the people and for the people. We help you set, reach and share your progress to sustainability.

We offer services to:

  • People
  • Organisations
  • Businesses
  • Institutions and public authorities


Campaign design, implementation and assessment on environmental, public health improvement and consumer empowerment goals:
  • Research and analysis.
  • Communications strategy and dissemination.
  • Advocacy.
  • Creation and coordination of networks and alliances.
  • Consultancy.
  • Creation of spaces to promote effective participation in decision making on natural resources, natural habitats and environment and health protection.
  • Legal strategy:
    • Analysis of the applicable law on the protection of the environment, resources and people.
    • Studies and comparisons of regulatory frameworks.
    • Preparation of allegations and complaints.
    • Monitoring and consultancy.
  • Social mobilisation.
Research, documentation and production of specific studies and reports:
  • Land characterisation and assessment of project, plan and programme impacts.
  • Characterisation of specific sectors in the fields of energy, mobility, or related to the state of the environment and natural resources.
  • Environmental and social impacts resulting from administrative plans affecting land, water, town planning, transport, agriculture, cattle farming, fishing and forest management.
  • Effects from the approval or amendment of laws, plans, programmes and policies on the environment, the security and public participation in the areas of energy and the rural and marine environments.
Sustainability training:
  • Organisation and delivery of courses, educational activities and dissemination initiatives.
  • Design, production and publication of technical and teaching materials.
  • Design and Implementation of classroom and online Training Courses on the environment and on natural resources.
  • Organisation of congresses, seminars, conferences and technical sessions.
  • Dissemination documents.
  • Routes and itineraries.
Production, promotion and development of specific solutions to particular problems related to exploitation of natural resources, waste, energy, water, mobility, food, biodiversity, environment, public health and consumption:
  • Programmes for the identification, assessment and recovery of Natural Heritage.
  • Design and implementation of corrective measures.
  • Design of sustainable mobility plans.
  • Design of sustainable energy plans based on efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Audits and clean energy strategies for communities, businesses and municipalities.
  • Plans and activities on tourism development.
  • Environmental watch: monitoring of specific government policies; monitoring service for affected groups -both individuals and associations- and for the Government on the corrective measures imposed by Environmental Impact Declarations.