Energy, Transport and Climate Change

According to scientific reports, the next few years will be decisive in avoiding the irreversible deterioration of our climate system which would result in serious, economic and environmental consequences for humanity and the ecosystems, on a planetary scale. Now is the time to recognise the problem and face up to it intelligently.

Molinos de viento

Salvia wants to be part of the combined necessary efforts from governments, administrations, businesses, trade unions, NGOs and citizens to stem the tide of climate change, put the brakes on pollution and protect public health and the environment.

In Salvia we think it is essential to develop a transparent, effective and democratic energy model in which energy autonomy can be achieved and where energy production, distribution and supply companies are at the service of the public and the service of development, not the other way round. We believe there is an urgent need to speed up the transition from the current model to reach a 100% renewable and efficient energy system without being sidetracked by false hopes like nuclear or fracking.

In Salvia we analyse, support and bring closer the technological, political and cultural solutions that help to cover energy and mobility needs through savings, efficiency and making use of renewable energies, and avoiding or minimising damage caused to the environment, health or people.